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August 12, 2009

I didn’t give Darren Tyquin many lines originally because he was the greatest Aussie racecaller ever as every race he called he made fast and exciting and always had time to throw in a couple of funny Aussie slang racing lines which always got a big smile out of me so I knew all I would have to do was give him a list of ten horse names and tell him Blanche DuBois is last by two lengths at the beginning of the straight but gets up to beat Chico Marx by a head and in a first take he would have nailed it far more exciting, fun, and real than anything I could write for he was just such a fantastic Australian character and one hell of a racecaller. If this show had been made not only would I have used him for the race calling but he would have bought a share in Beat Dreams and traveled to Australia with him as Darren knew well the genesis of the whole story and like any good Aussie loved a story where the bookies get stung.

It happened in 1979 where an unraced unfashionably bred Kiwi horse by the name of ‘Shady Deal’ being trained in New Zealand by Allen Jones was beating his top class horses in the workouts so was transferred to a beat Kiwi trainer in Darren’s home state of Victoria and had his name changed to ‘Torbek’ and they started him in a lowly maiden in Seymour where he was backed in from 33 to 1 to 3 to 1 and won easing down by 3 lengths and bookies from around Australia lost a bundle. Torbek then lost an eye to cancer and became Australia’s ugliest beat looking horse but went on to become a top horse winning two Group One races both at big odds . So that’s the story and Darren knew it would have worked again with an old unfashionable hurdler and he would have been a star in the show as he was such a funny and great character you couldn’t help but love him. Sadly Darren passed away in March 19, 2009 from a car accident at just 41 years of age but I bet my last dollar Reverend Darren Tyquin is now the number one race caller in all of Heaven. “And here comes Beat Dreams from the clouds! Go you good thing! Go!”

As it happens Beat Dreams race in Australia was as exciting as they come as a hot shot Aussie trainer had a horse called Shady Deal who he also thought was a champion hurdler making his hurdling debut and he was sensationally backed in from 6 to 1 to start even money favourite and he and Beat Dreams were head and head all the way down the straight with 20 lengths back to the third horse in a race reminiscent of the Waverley Star and Bonecrusher epic Cox Plate duel and the horses were so close at the finish it needed a second print to determine the winner and then a very heated protest ensued. I won’t tell you who eventually won but I will say the Aussies are still talking about that wild party in Seymour many years later in which this crazy Kiwi guy called Dean got laid 3 times !!!

marx brothers big pic

This is the Marx Brothers poster John had hanging in his lounge except Dean had written a thought bubble for Chico saying “Hay wads a mader wid u boys I tell u Blanche was shoe in n u no lisin, dona u losers wana b rich like me!!! Hee Hee” which was written exactly a year to the day when Blanche won her last race also at 42 to 1, coincidence? My bets on maybe.

4 d beat d hole beat n nut n but d beat


Frank Paradise
Writer-Director of Earthly movies Sponsored & Angeled in Heaven
South Island



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